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Start Before Logon and GINAs—Windows Only 11-8. Even though that Arcturians have only been seen once in Treasure Planet being set around 100 years earlier than the current story set in, In Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon, the Arcturians have been shown to still be currently around the universe 105 years later as a least concerned alien race.

4) Hrothgar. A fierce Hrothgar ready for his adventures. Hrothgar is one of the two new races added in the Shadowbringers expansion and the Viera race. While it is only available for male genders right now, Hrothgar is still one of the races with the best animations, especially considering that it has only been released recently.

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For MMORPG fans, the Race to World First is one of the biggest events on their calendar. With World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV Online both Thoughts Per Second win FFXIV Race to World First. For those unsure of how the FFXIV (and wider MMORPG) esports circuit works, guilds are tasked with.

1. Elezen Estinien with an unknown dragon in the Endwalker trailer. A large number of Dragoons are stationed in Ishgard to destroy dragons; a large number of these Dragoons are of the Elezen race, including Estinien, the Azure Dragoon,.

Male Draenei...the hottest females in WoW. Biased poll is biased. Can't vote just because you left out a race.

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